Subrogation is often an after thought effort for both the client and the vendor. Most insurance providers do not have subrogation as a core competency.

Unfortunately, most subrogators are a sideline of a commercial collection agency, or a law firm. Neither company is able to provide top service to the insurer because they do not focus on the specifics of subrogation which requires in-depth intimate knowledge of this business.

CJM Financial, was founded expressly to address this industry short fall. We do nothing but subrogation. We have years of experience in all aspects of the subrogation business. We have developed a method which focuses on exacting attention to detail. Each case referred to CJM is put through an initial analyses, and then distributed to the subrogator best trained to handle that specific claim.

During the work cycle various possibilities including adverse carrier, payment negotiation, arbitration and litigation may arise, and in each case CJM has a process honed by years of experience that will make sure that every effort to secure recovery will be applied. Our unwavering diligence has the effect of greater recovery rates than the industry standard.