Char-Lez Braden                              941-209-2680,, Ellenton, FL. 34222

Experienced programmer helping companies achieve technical and business goals for more than 20 years.  Adept at coming up to speed quickly and determining best course of action for immediate incremental gains while supporting long term goals.  Hands on programmer focused on startup and mid stage companies, MBA driving for goals and business success and College Instructor helping teach tomorrow’s engineers.

Technical Skill Overview

HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, Perl, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, C, Java, MySQL, FFMPEG, Apache and Linux

Work Experience

Digisphere Marketing, Inc. / Technical Lead

Oct. 2016 - May 2019,  Sarasota

Hired to replace sudden departure of previous lead product programmer.  Quickly prioritized 25+ client environments and websites against contracts and SLA’s supporting system updated ad data source management  Defined technical standards and managed parallel deployment plan for centralizing code delivery and site support.  Worked to deploy incremental improvement over 2 years resulting in meeting target of 85% reduction of custom code while fully implementing error controls and logging.

A number of legacy sites required complete rewrites requiring a rescope and sales effort to retain customers and improve CSAT and loyalty.  Applied newly defined and vetted standard technology stack while addressing specific details for each customer.  Supported deployment and maintenance of sites until contractual needs and customer requirements were achieved - site inventory updates running flawlessly, reporting real time status with diagnostic information, web based dashboard for executive staff and posterity

Key Accomplishments

Review 30, Inc. / Principal Engineer

Aug. 2013 - Sep. 2016,  Tampa

Architected and managed development of iPhone and Android mobile apps, front end web and backend technology to support early stage video review product (intense video processing using FFMPEG).  Designed website front end using HTML, JQuery and Bootstrap.  Designed website backend using LAMP stack, deployed on AWS for dev and production environments running Linux.  Achieved positive results in architecture, testing, operations, and support phases to deliver near real time benefits to end users.

Key Accomplishments

Tui Marine, Inc. / Programmer

2012 - Jul., 2013,  Clearwater

As consulting programmer I was responsible for delivery of internal customer web projects using the Drupal content management framework.  Primarily responsibility was creating and maintenance of frontend sites, database configuration and backend functions.

Key Accomplishments

CJM Financial, LLC. / Founder

2009 - 2012,  Bradenton

Successfully launched insurance subrogation, auditing and arbitration business responsible for technical aspects of product.  As a partner I owned solution design, infrastructure and implementation as well as pre sales when discussing technology platform advantages for CJM’s service offerings.  Hired key staff and working with the team to create efficient and effective operations procedures from business acquisition, tortfeasor location, contact, negotiation and resolution.

Key Accomplishments

Douglas, Knight and Associates, Inc. / Team Leader

Aug. 2006 - Jan. 2009,  Bradenton

Hands on backend IT manager responsible for database systems supporting this insurance subrogation, auditing and arbitration company.  Implemented system updates and upgrades to address security concerns, avoid downtime and increase capacity and throughput.

Key Accomplishments

Keiser University / Programming Instructor, Department Chair

Apr. 2001 - Dec. 2003,  Sarasota

Instructor: Teaching ASB (VBScript), SQL, HTML, DHTML, VisualBasic, JavaScript, C/C++ and Java. Responsible for all aspects of class course material, conducting lectures,  creating assignments, examinations, lab work and grading.

Key Accomplishments

Trivnet, LTD. / Sales Engineer

Apr. 2000 - Feb. 2001,  Santa Clara, CA., Tokyo Japan

Using Perl, ASP and C skills I managed technical pre-sales activities, proof of concept efforts and in some cases customer installations and system maintenance for WISP e-commerce payment product.  Trained Japanese staff on all technical points (NT and Linux).  Supported sales efforts by going to customers and answering technical inquiries.  Coordinated with development team in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Key Accomplishment


University of California, SC / BA Computer Science

Webster University / MBA


Digisphere Marketing, Inc.

"DM was in crisis as our CIO had abruptly departed leaving us with unfinished projects and mounting customer needs. Char-Lez jumped in feet first and helped the company from day one."

-Chris Burns, Owner, 941‑993‑2807

Review30, inc.

"Char-Lez guided the development efforts from concept to operations and was there with a solution every time we needed one."

-Steve Santorsola, CEO, 813‑760‑2200

CJM Financial, LLC.

"Char-Lez was instrumental to the CJM startup process. Without him the company would have failed."

-Michael Stewart, CEO, 941‑266‑6131

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